Stump Grinder Teeth

If you are in the business of tree trimming and removal, you already understand how important sharpening stump grinder equipment is. Having your stump grinder teeth sharpened will help make your job easier, and will help your equipment have a longer life span.

Having your stump grinder teeth professionally sharpened or reconditioned can save you money. By re-sharpening your stump grinder teeth rather than purchasing new teeth each time, you can save around 75%. We can recondition your grinder teeth around 3 times, you can see how quickly the savings add up.

Here at All Sharp and Grind we use a Diamond Wheel when re-sharpening stump grinder teeth. We use diamond wheels to get the sharpest cut and a more precise cut over using other grinders. Using diamond abrasive, diamond wheels can cut the strongest of metals.

We will work with you to find out what specifications you have regarding the contour of your stump grinder teeth edges to make sure you get the cut you want.
By letting us work on your stump grinders you can ensure that you are getting the sharpest and smoothest cut. We offer a quick turn around and ship nationally using USPS. This method helps us cut down costs on shipping so we can deliver a fair price to you.
Trust us at All Sharp and Grind when it comes to sharpening stump grinder teeth.

All Sharp and Grind Offers Stump Grinder Teeth Sharpening ServicesAll Sharp and Grind Offers Stump Grinder Teeth Sharpening Services